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Got Soot all over my Walls!

Q: Soot on Wall. A small amount of soot on painted/textured walls, what is the best thing to use to remove it with? -- Teri Moran Reply  (Ref:0070)

Answer # 1: Try vacuuming of the free soot and apply some talcum powder or fullers earth to the remaining mark. I haven't tried this myself so no guarantees, also did you know that one of the reasons for unexplained soot deposits can be carbon monoxide from a faulty heating system?   Boz Garmine Comment

Answer # 2: Hi Teri, did your soot come from candles? Did you know that Soya Wax Candles produce between ten and twenty times less soot? Also trimming the wick can reduce the soot generated. -- Lotte Dorn Comment

Answer # 3: Have you tried a little Cillit Bang on a cloth? Other products are good but this one is excellent -- May Fong Comment

Q: Soot Removal From Walls Hi, my tenants moved out and left a lot of soot marks on the walls from burning candles. How do I get these off so that when we re-paint it won't bleed through? -- Janet McMillan Zwirko Reply

A: Soot on Wall The best product for cleaning walls, especially soot from candles is a product called Dirt-X Can be found in powdered form to mix with water in your local hardware or paint and wall paper store. Give it a try. I love it! -- Jean  -- Comment - See also Answer #2 above

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Q: Puff back/Soot removal. I've decided to tackle the soot removal project on my own.  The walls, floor, piano, etc. are covered with soot.  Any suggestions on how to begin and which products to use? –- "easyrider" Reply (Ref:0071)

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