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Cleaning Cymbals

Q: Cleaning Brass.  I want a inexpensive and natural way to clean my cymbals. I tried lemon juice but that will take forever and a day! If you can help me in any way I would appreciate it! Thanks, Tyler Ross, Toledo,Ohio Reply  Ref:0083

Answer#1: Lemon juice on tissues left overnight followed by a polish can work wonders. Ketchup and other bottled sauces left on for a time is quite effective too. -- http://www.qznaz.com

Answer#2: Cleaning Brass! I use to clean houses and we used lysol for brass fixtures. However, I have a brass chandelier and the person who gave it to me said to use liquid fabric softener! It not only works but smells awesome too!! I hope this helps! -- Meranda Comment

Answer#3: Cleaning Brass! The VERY BEST home cleaning for tarnish, rust , etc is plain BAKING SODA. Pour you some in a bowl and add just enough water to make a paste and put it on. For tough rust, rub paste on and and let it sit for a few minutes, rub and rinse. Also is a EXCELLENT deodoriser --  Robbie Comment

Answer#4: Use Cymbal Cleaner. There are several cymbal cleaning compounds and the two I have tried are OK. Standard metal cleaners like Brasso are every bit as good and cost less so no need to go out and buy the special stuff if you already have something you can use. qznaz



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