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Lighter Fluid Smell


Q: Lighter fluid smell on clothing.  My son's friend put an open bottle of lighter fluid in the trunk of his car. It saturated coats and other clothing, as well as the trunk liner. I don't have a clue on how to remove it. Thanks for any help you can give me. -- "Rob Rogers" Reply  (Ref:0125)

Answer #1: Airing it is the best idea. Hanging the clothes in fresh air and sunlight fixed problem. No suggests for car trunk other than open windows -- Naroda B Comment

Answer #2: I have the same problem; only mine is a kerosene spill. We are using vinegar right now, it doesn't seem to help. It has been very humid and it hasn't dried thoroughly. I have heard of some products called Neu-troda by Tankit Co. and Odor-Neutralizer that may be purchased from a fuel oil dealer. I am not sure how well they work. Anybody out there have any ideas? –- Beth Weir Comment

Q: Lighter Fluid Smell. Hi, I just had an accident where my leather purse and its contents smell of lighter fluid because I fell and a whole bottle of lighter fluid broke open and then because I was in the dark, and was more worried that it had gotten all over me, I put my purse accidentally down into the fluid. Now. everything smells inside as well. Can anyone come up with a resolution on this matter? Thanks, Kanga Reply

A: Hopefully by the time you read this the smell should have gone and the liquid evaporated. In my case it took a week or so before the smell went away. -- Tony Gant Comment





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