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Q: Cleaning brass I need to remove paint from brass hinges is there a liquid solution I can soak them in to make this easy -- Luke T. Byrne Reply (Ref:0030)  

Q: How to stop bread going mouldy. I have just brought a bread maker and pottery storage jar to keep the made loaves in - how can I stop the bread moulding within a few days? -- Reply (Ref:0031)

A: Including salt in the bread makes it last longer but slows the yeast's gas producing process and if too much is used can kill the yeast altogether (Yeast is probably not too different from mould). I keep my bread in the freezer and find that it tastes better after freezing -- Anon   

Reply: Thanks very much for the tip - it was too obvious for me to think of! I'll certainly try it tomorrow! --  Lochkon

Q: Removing dried mustard from carpet. Please help with any solution to removing mustard from carpet. -- "Keith Nall" Reply (Ref:0033)  

Q: TOWEL LINT How do i get rid of the excess lint on new bath towels? I got new bath towels and i have washed them but they still have a lot of lint. When you shower and dry yourself off the towels leave a lot of lint on you body. What can i do to get rid of all that lint? Thanks lupe chavez -- "Lupe Garcia-Chavez" Reply (Ref:0239)

Q: Shower mineral build up My shower is a one piece/formica. I wipe dry after each shower but around bottom build up with residue. Would liquid water softener work or what. Thanks for your help carolyn -- "abcpeds" Reply (Ref:0240)

A: Shower Build Up. Hi there, try good old vinegar! -- Don LaCoy Aug 15 2006

A: shower. Hi again, I forgot, once you get it clean, use gel-gloss to seal it and stuff will bead off and it will be easier to clean it for a while. -- Don LaCoy Aug 15 2006


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