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Q: Ball point pen marks. My 1yr old just marked up my new coffee table with ball point pen. It is embedded in the wood. I am concerned with how to remove the ink. I tried wood cleaner/polish. any suggestions??? -- "Teresa Simon", Lake Stevens, WA Reply  (Ref:0042)

Q: Ink stains. How can I remove ball point pen ink from my new wood coffee table? I tried wood polish/cleaner. thanks for any suggestions that will keep me from being too angry at my 1 and half year old. "Sean Simon" Reply (Ref:0043)

Q: Setting fabric color of clothes, bedding, etc. I recently bought new bedding, including dark green sheets and don't want colors and pattern to run or fade with washing. I recall hearing about a recipe that recommends soaking fabrics in a vinegar mixture. Do you have this recipe? Thank you. -- "Cassandra Flunker", San Diego, CA Reply  (Ref:0044)

Q: Paint on Concrete. My son and his friends spray painted a bike on my concrete patio!!!!!! how to get the paint off ,or maybe repainting it?? I've seen that done on hgtv channel,THANK YOU -- Reply  (Ref:0046)

Information: Here is some information on mildew sent in by a one of our readers:- Warning - mildew should not be left as it is liable to rot fabric! Washable fabrics; Rub the area of the mark with soap, then wash as normal. If mark does not go away after several washes white cotton can be beached but use a weak solution. Other material can be soaked in a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide in six parts water. Check effect on color on a part not normally visible.  (Ref:0047)

Q: Spilled milk in Car. My friend spilled milk in the car and although it was sponged right away there is still an odor in the car. She has tried baking soda as well. Any suggestions -- Helen Barkhouse Reply (Ref:0050)

A: There are dry powder preparations that are designed for carpets. Proprietary odor treatments are also quite effective

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