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Q: Plumbing/hot water dispenser. I have a question about the hot water dispenser I just installed in my sink.  I replaced the old unit with a new one. Connected al the pipes and delivery tube just fine. Plugged it in and got hot water. So, where's the problem you ask?  Well, when you run the water out of the spout, after a few seconds a small drip seems to accumulate at the base of the spout.  Do I "go inside" the faucet or exchange it for anew one?  It's easier to make an adjustment than to take it all out and drag it back for an exchange.   What say you? "Irwin Worshell" Reply (Ref:0064)

Q: Scorched pan Help. I left vegetables boiling in my stainless steel saucepan WAY too long last night, and now the pan is terribly scorched. What's the best way to remove the scorching? Thanks. -- Reply (Ref:0065)

Q: Water and mold stains on plastic shower products. In my shower I have a plastic stand that holds shower accessories, it has stains from being in the shower for some time. Any suggestions on how to remove those stains? I could not find any thing in the stains section of the Tipsbank/hints-n-tips site. Thank you -- "Zak" Reply (Ref:0066)

Q: Bathtubs. I have a soft side bathtub and I find it very hard to keep clean, I also have a lot of iron in the water and find it hard to clean off also In the bathtub and the toilet. Any help will be appreciated thank you, --  "Debby Gentry" Reply

Q: Cloth shoes. I recently bought a new pair of WHITE cloth shoes.  Is there any way I can pre treat them? What can I use to clean them?  Thanks! - Laura Rehmer Reply

Q: Jacket Stains. I have a favourite jacket, which I like to wear quite regularly. The other day when I was painting my sons birdcage with an aerosol can I carelessly got drips of paint on my sleeves and the front. It is a cream nylon jacket with polyester inside. I would like to restore the jacket. Please help -- "Scott Beattie" Reply (Ref:0072)

A: Jacket Stains. If its just grime stains from everyday use then you can spray the jacket with SprayNine and throw it in the washer with warm water and it will clean it right up! it works for my white jacket! i heard spraying them with Simple Green will work well too! hope this helps. -- malindas album. 4/12/07

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