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Brand-new shorts. I wore my brand new khaki shorts to the beach.  I was lying on a dark pink towel and the grass was a little damp.  Once I got back to the house, I noticed that the butt of my shorts were pink!  How can I get rid of the pink without ruining the new shorts? - Tamara Reply (Ref:0075)

  Honeysuckle. Hi, I have a honeysuckle in my garden that I planted nearly five years ago. My problem is that it has never flowered! Has anybody got ant idea why or any suggestions. Thank you. -- "David kite" Reply (Ref:0076)

 Q:  Fly tape adhesive. How do I remove fly tape adhesive from my dogs fur? -- Reply (Ref:0077)

Water Marks. Please can someone tell me how to clean the black marks off the bath sealer caused from water, I have tried Brillo's and wire wool but it doesn't shift - "Tiffany" Reply (Ref:0078)

  Noisy acrylic tub. I have a one-piece acrylic tub/shower that is only about 8 months old.  The problem that I am dealing with, is that when I enter into the tub I can hear a noise under my feet. The noise is like the fibreglass is coming apart, as if I was too heavy for the tub.  I am only about 160 lbs.  I asked the supplier about this problem, they told me that it must have been installed incorrectly.  I have two tubs in my house, both the same model, and only one of the tubs is making the noise.   What should I do or look for?   (crane/ fiat 6200) -- "Fabiano" Reply (Ref:0078)

  Showerhead. I am trying to replace a showerhead, but am unable to get the existing showerhead off. Any suggestions to help break it loose?  Thanks. -- "Fran" Reply  (Ref:0079)

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