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Q: Removing Cat Urine Odor from a Mattress. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to remove cat urine from my mattress. Can you help me? Thanks.Marilyn Auck. -- Reply. Jul 13 2007

Q: Stainless Steel . I want to restore my stainless steel barbecue, It has water stains I have tried stainless steel cleaners of all kinds nothing works we do have hard water I would appreciate any help you can give me. thank you !! sincerely Sheryl Jones - Reply Jun 20 2007

Q: Field Paint on Fleece. Does anyone know how to remove Field Paint (Soccer), from a Fleece jacket? Much appreciated. :) -- Marti Van Dyke Reply. Jul 4 2007

Q: How you remove stains i would like to know how to remove black pen markers of recylced table and chairs as we had some naughty children in the area and they had a wonderful time thanks. -- Diane Reply. Jul 18 2007

Q: Wax Droping on Church Carpet. It is our month to clean our church here at St Joseph in Makawao Maui and I noticed the wax dropings on the almost brand new carpet at the alter. I want to be able to remove it. How do I do that? Much Mahalo, -- Dolores Abreu -- Shonie. Reply Jul 24 2007

Q: Ball Point Ink Stain. Hi, I just noticed a small ball point ink mark on my chair that I had recovered with naughahide less than a year ago. Is there a way to remove this stain? Thanks for yur help. Sharon -- Reply Jul 27 2007

Q: Getting Rid of Tobacco Smell Problem. Hi, How do I get rid of cigarette smoke odor in my mattress and boxsprings? -- Mamta Singh. Reply Jul 28 2007

Q: How Do you Get out Walnut Stains from skin? Do you have any advice for getting walnut stain out of skin? Thanks for your help. -- Walter Jr Johansing. Reply Jul 28 2007

Q: Piano Dents on Wooden Floors. Hi, my name is Shameem. I have just been stupid enough to move my upright piano to another room. We have parkett (hardwood) floors. Now we have long lines of dents in the floor! If you have managed to find a solution to this problem I would greatly appreciate your kind advice! Many thanks, -- Shameem Wagner. Reply Aug 3 2007

Q: Epsom Salts. How much epsom salts for a gallon of water for dry patches on my lawn. Thanks Martha. -- Reply Aug 24 2007

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