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Q: Converting Monthly Interest to Annual Interest. My credit card statements quotes the interest rate as a monthly rate and I would like to know how to convert it to annual, I was taught how to do it in school but have forgotten how. -- Danyal Fort Reply 30th August 2007

Q: Blueberry Stains. Has anyone found a remedy for removing blueberry juice from kaki pants? Thank you, Suzy. susan hoyt. Reply Sep 1 2007

Q: Nicotene Stained Fabric. . I have been given a lovely 3 piece suite the owners were smokers hence the duck egg blue colour it was has turned to a moss green! I washed one of the small cushions but it made little difference...Can you help? Regards. Lisa caudwell. --Reply. Sep 16 2007

Q: Printer Ink on Carpet. A few months ago my "ink refiller" spilled onto my carpet...i immediately sopped up as much as a could....I continuously poured steaming hot water onto it dabbing it with towels...now it is a light-colored green on my light beige carpet. I heard rubbing alcohol is good for stains but in carpet? Thanks. -- Michelle Fox. Reply. Sep 21 2007

Q: Static Electricity. What can I do to my blanket to get rid of static electricity? -- Lee R Brown. Reply Oct 4 2007

Q: Paper Creases. I have very old documents (100 +) that was stored folded how do I safely get the papers flat. They have turned yellow. -- blair2000. Reply Oct 10 2007

Q: Grease spots Help! I am getting what looks like black grease spots on my laundry - and I think it's from the washing machine. What could be the cause to this??? Help! -- yon_hunter Reply  25 Oct 2007

Q: Black Boot Polish Removal. Hi. I was wondering if you could help me? What would you suggest to remove black boot polish from a carpet. Kind Regards. Carl Traquair. Reply.Oct 31 2007

Q: Ink Stain. My grandson left a ball point pen in his jeans, put them through wash and dryer and now he has spots on some of his clothes as well as his sisters light blue NEW sweatshirt. Is there anything that will take these stains out of the light blue sweatshirt? Thanks. -- Mary Lynne. Nov 9 2007

Q: Wax Down the Drain. A friend of mine had a candle explode. She set it in the sink and the wax clogged the drain. Is there a remedy off the shelf that can dissolve the wax? What is needed? She is frantic; her husband is raging. -- Sandy Hill. Reply Nov 13 2007

Q: How Do I Get Nail Polish off my Trousers?. Could you please let me know how do I get nail polish off my favourite pair of trousers? many thanks Yael -- Reply Nov 25 2007

Q: Spilled Gasoline. How can I remove the ordor of gasoline spilled on my garage floor? -- Reply. Nov 26 2007

Q: Odor. How do you remedy a very strong sewer gas smell which we believe is coming from the roof vent pipe which does have an umbrella type cap over it? The odor seems to be getting worse. We do not smell it inside, but outside wow! Thank you. Mary -- harold deets Reply Nov 29 2007

Q: Fish Odours. I am haviong trouble getting rid of fish smell in my refrigerator any suggestions ?? Nick. -- Nick Harris. Reply. 30 Nov 2007

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