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Q: Lint. How do you get the lint out of towels. Stephanie Robinson.-- Reply.7/12/07

Q: Wax in Dishwasher. Help Help, my wife put two ornamental decorations in our dishwasher, as it turned out they were made of wax! needless to say the inside of our new dishwasher is covered in a film of wax and its coated everything including the racks??????????????????? what can I do to get it out HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, thanks. Mike -- MLombardo. Reply 17/12/07

Q: Vintage Clothing. I have some vintage clothing that belonged to my Mother-in-Law. I want to sell them on Ebay but they have a musty smell from being kept in a basement. I want to let people know these clothes have a musty smell but am I correct by telling them that Dry Cleaning will take the smell away. Many of these clothes are not machine washable. Please let me know. I do not want to mislead anyone so if the smell is there for life I am better off not selling them. Thanks for your help. Linda -- Reply 18/02/08

A: Getting Stains out of T-shirt Underarms. Buy a product called Iron Out or something similar and follow directions. This is a popular product in northern Wisconsin and Michigan because of the iron content in the water. I used it to protect the whites when we bought a cabin in that area – and l and behold, it took cleaned those t-shirts right up. -- Bill Bradford. 18/12/07

Q: Black Crayon Removal. How do I get black crayon removal out of dried white business shirts. There are numerous stains all over. -- janice bowman. Reply. 3/01/08

Q: How do I remove Guacamole from a Red Cotton Top. I washed it in cold water & hung to dry but its still there. -- Reply. 5/01/08

Q: Spilled Gasoline.How can I remove the ordor of gasoline spilled on my garage floor? -- Reply .5/01/08

Q: Grey Earwax. Is it true that people of Native American origin have grey earwax?? -- Gardner Lennox Reply 12th Jan 2008

Q: Whale Bones. I found a beautiful speciman of a humpback whale vertebrae bone. It has been totally cleaned by natural means. It does however still have an odor of dead whale. How do I get the smell out ? I would like to display this piece inside my house , but there's no way while that smell is on it. After the smell is gone , can I spray it with clear lacquer to make it last longer and act as a sealant ? Plse advise. Thank you very much. Barry D. -- Duggan, Barry. Reply 3/03/08

Q: Red Wine Stain on Oak Table. How do I remove a red wine stain from an oak table?. Regards, -- Aimee Hoppe. Reply. 4/03/08

Q: Settee Stain: Hi , I was wondering if you could offer me a tip on how to get a green dye stain out of a yellow fabric loose cover on a settee. A green cushion on the settee got wet and was inadvertently put onto the settee. Some of the green dye has stained the settee fabric and I am unsure on how to proceed. I socked the fabric in a “vanish” solution last night and then put it on a thirty degree wash. A lot came out of the fabric but there is still a sign of it left which is noticeable. Is it the case of repeating the process two or three times or is there something else you could recommend. Yours hopefully, Regards, Mike. -- Mike Plumley, Reply 05 Mar 2008

Q: Acrylic Paint on School Blazer. Hello, I’m trying to find a way of getting orange acrylic paint off a navy blue school blazer that’s in a very prominent place (on the chest). I have tried most of the stain removers for fabrics without success. Someone advised me to use Turps, but I’m worried that it might be too harsh on the fabric or not able to remove the smell. Do you know of anything that will remove it please? Thank you very much for any help you could offer. Miss Deborah Killips. -- debz killips Reply 10 Mar 2008

Q: Crossthreaded Light Bulbs . Can anyone out there tell me how to screw in a light bulb when it refuses to align to allow you to do so? Thanks. -- Anne Swissblock Reply 15/03/08

Q: Earwax. I have a persistent earwax problem, what is the best way to deal with it? -- Damien Cross Reply 15/03/08

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