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Q: Blue Spot? Do Chinese babies have a blue spot at the base of their spines ? My friend at work told me this and I bet her that its not true. -- Dana Reiss Reply 15/03/08

Q: Method Daily Shower Refill . Folks, I used to be able to purchase the 68 oz bottle of of Method Daily Shower Refill, but now I can't find it in the stores and it isn't on your website (or at least I can't find it). We use more of that product on a daily basis than any of the others. Now we have to buy individual bottles which could have been refilled. What happened? Thanks, Mike Bachman. -- Reply. 19/03/08

Q: Oil Problem: Hi, my name is Lee and I have twins. They spilt motor oil on the carpet in the car HOW DO I GET IT OUT????? Please help me the car smells really bad. Thank you hoping to hear from you soon. -- Reply. 22 Mar 2008

Q: Sparrows and Awnings. We have 8 awnings on our house. It's not that I really mind the birds (they are hilarious to watch) - but sparrows build sloppy and dirty nests in ALL our awnings. My husband removes them as quickly as he can - but, next day - they are back. Is there anything we can put on the inner ledge of our awnings to prevent the sparrows from building? -- Walter Lee Harbauer. Reply. 24/03/08

Q: REMOVAL OF FRIEZE . Hi , I am about to remove 10 year old frieze around the room of my daughter and would like your advice on how to remove it without too much stress on me. My husband seems to think something like a steam gun should do the trick. What do you suggest? Looking forward to your answer in due course. thankyou. -- Reply 28/03/08

Q: Yellow on Vinyl Floor . Could you tell me how to get the yellow from my vinyl kicten foor. -- Mary Lou hillock Reply 8/04/08

Q: Rust stains .We are on well water and recently went on vacation. I washed our light colored cloths in the washer and there were rust stain on the 100% cotton cloths " which are our favorites" and they will not come out. What can I do other than get rid of the cloths. Thank you for any help you can give cookie. -- Reply. 18/04/08

Q: Autism. Counselors thought my son "had either autism or asperger's"-turns out he had severe reactions to food chemicals, specifically 320 and its near neighbours. The symptoms are very similar. It's in commercial cooking oils (& soft plastics such as cling film, milk bottles, cereal box liners etc.& outgasses into foods.) We went to an allergy clinic called Advanced Allergy Elimination and was cured. Seriously.Now he only gets tired, cranky and carcinoma from these chemicals just like the rest of us, rather than his previously profound neurological responses.Hope this helps.(Also, his allergies were caused, it turns out, by chronic aluminium and barium poisoning) . -- Hilda Squires, Reply. 21/04/08

Q: Nail Polish. I was attempting to give myself a pedicure when I shook the bottle and it cracked from the ball inside. It threw slashes over my couch, on my engagement ring and all over my arms and hands. My arms and hands are still stained a day later and my ring has specs all over it. My couch is of course still stained and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get them out. Thank you for your anticipated help. Erin , -- Reply. 6/05/08

Q: Nail Polish. How do I remove nail polish from cotten slacks? -- Sylvia Killon. Reply. 10/05/08

Q: Crayola Stain .My son had a crayon in his pocket and I dried some clothes and the crayon got all over the clothes. Is there anyway to remove these stains now that they have been dried on? -- Jamie Lagattuta. Reply. 20/05/08

Q: Gummy Residue on Kitchen Cabinates. How can i get rid of the gummy residue on my kitchen cabinates? Rodney & Lois -- Reply. 3/06/08

Q: Garlic and Onion Odor. I am looking for something safe that will eliminate the odor of garlic and onions from the microwave and tightly closed area? Help!! Edie Griffith. Reply. 5/06/08

Q: Gordon Moores . Hello I am looking for gordon moors tooth polish have you had any luck I haven't. thanks, Dave. Reply. 14/06/08

Q: Concrete Stain. How can I get petroleum/oil-based paint stain off my concrete patio? I started staining one third of it but it dried with streaks, I painted another coat and it was still streaking and way too dark. -- Amy Forehand. aforehandqzrcps.info. 17/06/08

Q: Cleaning Burned Antique Hall Tree. What would you suggest I use to clean a burned antique hall tree? The fire melted to glue and the hall tree is in pieces, but I have all the pieces. I used Soy Gel to remove most of the finish and most of the burnt marks, but would like to do a better job. Any suggestions. -- Gary Szafranski. Reply. 22/06/08


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