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Q: Wax on Church Carpets. I have a problem on our church carpets and also on the alter cloths as they blow out the candles on Sundays here in Cape Town. Don't seem to have a solution. Also how do i get the candle wax off the bathroom mirrow from the pretty candles on the bathroom shelf were blown out and smudged? Thanks, Caroline. -- Carole Berkeley Reply 20/06/08

Q: Clover in Lawn. How can i get rid of clover -- Reply 7/07/08

Q: Burn Hole in Patio Chair. My son had a party and one of his friends made a cigarette burn hole in my brand new patio chair. The chairs are only sold as part of the set. How can I repair the hole in the chair? Any ideas? -- S&K Mann Reply. 20/07/08

Q: Ink in Dryer. A ballpoint pen went thru my dryer along with the clothes. The clothes are NOT my problem, but I have ink patches in my dryer. What can I do? I have tried "goo gone", which did take out some of it, but not all. Help! -- Doris Reply. 22/07/08

Q: Garlic Smell on Fabric Car Seats. My sons girlfriend dripped garlic grease from a slice of pizza on the fabric car seats. How can he remove the garlic smell from the fabric? -- Cris. Reply. 24/07/08

Q: Body Odor. My husband says I have a body odor that smells like moth balls. I floss and brush daily and have no dental infections. I shower and use deoderant daily also. I have tried using mouthwash and stopped using perfumes but to no avail. Is it possible that this is a result of medications? I take Centrum Silver and a potassium tablet but drink a LOT of water every day. Can you give me any idea of what may be causing this? It's not my clothes or shoes or feet or shampoo or soap. My next stop is my physician but I don't want him to think I'm a hypochondriac. -- Pattie Whiz. Reply. 20/08/08

Q: REMOVING SPOILED FOOD ODOR FROM A SEAT IN A CAR. A friend recently gave me a couple of watermelons. Unkown to me one had a deep cut in it. I forgot to remove them when I got home that night and due to the hot heat it oozed onto the passenger seat (fabric not leather) in my car. Now I can't get rid of the smell and we start to gag every time we get in. What can I do to get rid of the smell? Reply. 29/08/08

Q: Removal of yellow from Stored Baby Clothes. Please help me with your hint on how to remove yellow stains on baby clothing that I have stored away for several years in a camphor box. Smiles and best regards. Sue. -- Suzanne Polglase. Reply. 4/09/08

Q: RE: Removing Walnut Stains. Hi, Unfortunately, I did know that green walnut hulls have black pasty deposits inside the hull. While removing the hull, I got black dye all on my fingers and fingernails. My hands look like they have not been washed in ages because of the dirty looking dye and this is embarrassing. If you have any solution to this problem please send me an email. Thank You, Phyllis. Reply 13/09/08

Q: Spilled Beeswax. PLEASE HELP !!!!!! I spilled a puddle of beeswax on my linoleum floor. I was able to get most of it off, yes there is still some dried wax on the floor and a sticky mess. I've used baby oil and WD-40, but its still there. Would appreciate any help. Thanks....Anne -- Reply. 14/09/08

Q: Soot on Carpet . I just recently found out that the black stains on my carpet are soot stains. They go all along the baseboards of the carpet. What is the best way to remove these stains? This is caused by burning too many candles! --" burker4". Reply. 16/09/08

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