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Q: I have discovered that I am allergic to Fava beans, is there any common treatments? -- Rick Press Reply 17th Mar 2009

A: Broad Beans or Fava Beans: It is not an allergy but a defective or missing enzyme in your system, Your doctor can give you a list of foods and medicines to avoid. Fava bean poisoning can be fatal if treatments are not given, this is usually blood transfusions with the appropriate enzyme added. -- Davina Martin - 25th Mar 2009

Q: Ink in Leather. My 2 year old granddaughter got a hold of an ink pen and scribbled on my leather recliner.  Could you possibly give me a clue as to how to get the ink out.  I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Robin St Jean -- Reply. 30/03/09

Q:  Can wax wash off in washing machine Sent from my iPod  -- Brent Lewandowski Reply 19/04/09

Q: How can I get polyblend grout out of jeans? -- "Terri Fox" Reply 21/04/09

Q: Alcohol Based Tint Stain on Hands. Here's one for you. I was tinting furniture with Sayer alcohol based stain and it penetrated my leather glove and stained my fingers the color of iodine.

I tried their thinner for this product, paint thinner, gasoline, lacqer thinner, alcolhol and nothing works. Clorox seemed to remove a bit of color used full strength, but that is hard on the hands. Any ideas?? -- Natalie Reply

Q: Sqeaky shoes: I've just brought a pair of lovely shoes, but they are man made fibres and squeak when I walk in them. Any solutions? Thanks Hazel. -- Reply

Q: Bad Milk Smell. Someone spilled 5 gallons of milk on the counter and went into the cabinets at the hotel and oh my god it stinks!! Any suggestions ??. -- EL Motor Lodge Reply

Q: How to Remove a Smell. A bottle of cologne broke in my suitcase and then a friend suggested putting ground coffee to remove the smell. Now my suitcase smells awfully of both. I’ve tried everything, including baking soda and fabreze and just letting it sit outside for several nights. What do I do? Thank you -- Michael Thomas Reply

Q: Black Towels. IVE WASHED THESE TOWELS 4 TIMES ,AND I STILL GET BLACK LINT ON MY BODY ,HELP///////////// /? -- Ronnie Stuch Reply

Q: Tacky Rug and Floor i hope you can help me. i have a kitchen rug that has a rubber, no skid backing. i noticed today that the backing is sticky/tacky and has left grid marks on my linoleum floor. i want advice on both how to take the tackiness off the rug - what caused it? -- and how to remove what feels like half the rubberized backing on the floor. thanks for your help -- Joey M Reply 20/07/09

A: Hi Joey I am afraid that it looks like the rubber backing is perishing or deteriorating or changing chemically. You could experiment with talcum powder but that would destroy the non-stick properties - and possibly end up with a family member slipping and hurting themselves. Lighter fuel or mineral spirits (outside the US this is known as White Spirits) or even WD40 should remove the sticky residue -- DE

Q: Vaccines. My granddaughter Heather who was in perfect health all of her life at the age of 15 her mother seeing the commercial on tv took Heather to the doctor and she was given 2 of the Guardisal vaccines and soon after began having seizures. She has had all of the medical exams including the mri's and scans, however, because they do not show up on the mri's or scans no medical doctor can give a medical reason as to why she is having the seizures. They will not say they could be caused from the vaccine because they do not want to get involved with law suits and it is all about the money. How did autism go from being 1 in 100,000 to as low as 4 in 100. Our government is letting this happen and even forcing us in most cases to have the children vaccine.

So Heather cannot drive or hold a job because we never know when the seizures will come on and unlike people with epilepsy who's meds cannot control their seizures her meds cannot control the seizures. On the internet site there are horror stories about Guardisal and many related deaths and physical side effects from the Guardisal vaccine.

But we don't hear about those on the commercials. However, in a magazine ad I did see more side effects mentioned.

I think Jenny McCarthy is right about the vaccines and she is crusading against them. God bless you and your family and I pray for a solution for all of the children affected by the vaccines. -- Mellissa Montgomery Reply. 15/08/09 May God's wonderful glory surround you and bring you joy, as always, Melissa

Q: Nail Polish on Dress.I have a hot pink polyester dress that i have gotten Black nail polish on it please help me ... -- KIDDIE KORNER Reply. 17/08/09

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