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Q: Remove wax. How can I remove layers of liquid floor wax from POROUS bathroom floor tile? -- "William Tretinik" Reply. (Ref:0101)

Q: Red wine stains on a white cotton shirt. How should I remove them? -- "David Faszholz" Reply  (Ref:0106)

Answer#1: Red Wine Stains . I heard that pouring white wine on red wine will remove the stain. Hope that helps! -- S. L. Hood  Feb 16 2006

Answer#2: Red Wine Stain.  I ran across your question on ask jeeves. Red wine stains= OXY Clean! Don't you know that by now! haha.......... also clean blood and ketchup/tomatoe  -- Charity Blevins Feb 14 2006

Answer#3: Removing Red Wine. Hi, My husbands grandmother showed me this trick. Hope it helps. I don't think it works on a real old stain. When you spill red wine or anykind of red juice you boil a pot of hot water. Then put the shirt over the sink (take it off) it works on tomato sauce too. -- Angela' Sep 13 2006

Q: Dust mites. What's the best way to get rid of dust mites in your home to lessen allergies? Is there any safe way without using harsh chemicals? -- Mir Cas Reply(Ref:0109)

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