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Q: Squeaky shoes. Hi, Can someone please help me cure my squeaky shoes? They are driving me nuts. not to mention the fact that the whole world can hear me approaching. Sujata -- Reply.  (Ref:0110)

Q: Squeaky shoes. Hi. I have the same problem as you about my shoes did anyone answer your question and provide a remedy? -- Charlotte Cahill. Reply  26/07/2005

Q: cats & Kittens. Hi, We have a 6 month old kitten which has gone into "heat" we do not wish to mate her. How long will last and what can we do to make it easier for her to cope with? Sincerely -- Reply.  (Ref:0112)

Q: Temporary litter boxes. We have an older cat who lately has decided to use my mattress as a cat box. How can I get the smell of cat urine out of it ? I have tried everything. Please help. By the way we have already banned her from the bedroom. -- "Kim" Reply.  (Ref:0113a)

A: Cat Urine Smell . Not sure if anyone ever answered your question and I couldn't tell how old your question was, but in case you're still looking for an answer, click on the link below.

Smelleze™ Urine Deodorizer Granules, from www.imtek.biz


Regards Mathew -- "Matthew Berg"

Q: Keep cats off the car. How can I keep the neighbours cats off my car? They get on the top and hood and urinate, leaving paw marks and scratches. The car is parked under a carport. -- "Haze" Reply. (Ref:0116)

A: Unwanted cats can be kept out the garden by sprinkling pepper in the garden. Citrus fruit peel is supposed to work as well. -- "Anne Johns"  

Answer#2: Another poster suggested using chilli powder, it should not damage the paint finish on your car -- www.qznaz.com.

Answer#3: Cats off vehiclesI heard that putting a rubber snake on the car will stop them. -- Nicole Bellini...Q: Static Cling. I know this sound stupid...but it drives me crazy!!! Every time I change my kitchen trash bag...I get terrible static cling!! I'm sure I'm not the only one going thru this!! I've even tried poking holes in the bag to let the air out !!! To no avail...someone help, please!!!! I've tried putting one corner down inside the trash can....not!!! It still doesn't work!!! HELP!!! -- "Lynda Eller" Reply. (Ref:0117)

Q: Sap Stains. After cutting down my Christmas tree this year, I noticed sap stains on my jacket. What can I do to remove them? Thanks -- "Sally Shelby"  Reply. (Ref:0118a)

Q: Shower stain. Dear qznaz, I have a fibre glass shower. The floor is dirty and I can't get it clean. What can I use? -- "Vernon Kraemer" Reply.  (Ref:0119)

A: A previous poster suggested using a paste made with baking soda and water and leaving for a minute or two -- www.qznaz.com.

A:..... There is a product called 'Krud Kutter' for red clay stains......works great, though i don't think all know about it.....and it is non-toxic....and biodegradable. --  Reply   11 Jan 2004

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