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Q: Nicotine smell. Help! My 84 year old aunt who smokes 2+ packs of cigarettes a day has bestowed upon me the family genealogy archives. Problem: all the papers smell like tobacco, how do I rid paper of this smell without damaging the documents. Thanks -- "K. Neill" Reply  (Ref:0120)

Q: Cove Moulding. What tools do I need to mitre cove moulding, and where can I find instructions? -- Reply   (Ref:0121)

Q: Nail polish spill.  Hi, my two year old spilt red nail polish on my cloth sofa, not much but enough. Polish remover does not seem to be doing the trick. Any suggestions? LAURA -- "LR1127" Reply  (Ref:0123)

A: Dye Leakage A product called dye magnets can stop the dye in the water tinting or fading other garments.  -- Annie Mac 

Q: Ironing marks.  Dear Sir/Madam, Someone has come into the office today with a (lime scale-looking) stain from ironing her trousers (pants). Do you have any suggestions/knowledge on how to remove such a mark? Yours in anticipation of a solution -- "Adrian"  Reply  (Ref:0126)

Q: Stain removal.  How do I remove red finger nail polish from a beige couch ? Thanks -- "Dennard, Jody" Reply  (Ref:0127)

Q: Cellar gardening. I have a largish cellar below my stone cottage (in the Belgian Ardennes) and I would like to use it to grow herbs etc in the winter. Does any one have a good experience to share or can provide a good reference ? -- "Danny Kay" Reply (Ref:0128)

Q: Melted plastic. I put our plastic laundry basket too close to the radiator, and the side of it melted. I now have a thin denim shirt with three lumps on plastic stuck to it. They're each about the size of a pea. I can't remove them by pulling them off as it will rip the fabric. Can anyone help me out? Please email me at -- Reply Thanks! "Chris Jones" Vancouver, BC  (Ref:0129)

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