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Q: Scratched glass table top. I have a brand new 3/4 inch thick dining table top which somehow got 3 or 4 scratches in the middle. Any hope? -- "Mary Ryan" Reply   (Ref:0131)

Tippex. Does anyone have any tips for getting tippex out of carpets and furnishings hopefully -- "Clare" Reply (Ref:0132)

Q: Nail polish removal. Could you advise how to remove nail polish from a chenille bathrobe -- "DeFranco Insurance" Reply (Ref:0136)

Q: Squeaky floors!! We have squeaky floors on the 2nd story of our house. Of course it's carpeted. We have determined which way the joists are running, but are unable to locate the joists underneath the carpet. We bought a kit with a "joist" finder & some snap-off screws. The screws work great, but we just can't find the joists. In the attic & basement we measured the joists and they are on 16" spacing. Is there anyway to easily locate these joists so we can fix these annoying squeaks??? -- "Marge Fischer" Reply  (Ref:0138)

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