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Q: Mildew removal. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of mildew that I have growing on the back of a dresser and chest of drawers in a bedroom? I have tried a water/bleach solution and wiped it on and have also washed them with ammonia/water. It keeps coming back and I realize it is due to moisture in the room but what can I do about that? The room faces north and east and never gets much sun on the outside walls. I live in Florida where we fight humidity all the time. Please HELP!!!!-- "Gillian Oren" Reply  

Q: Blinds. 1) How can I remove the dust and dirt build-up on my Venetian blinds? 2) How do I get rid of the sewage smell that emanates from my kitchen drain? --  Thanks, "Leslie, Kirk and Leslie Brachman" Reply  

A: Remove Dust From Venetian Blinds. Clean the venetian blinds well with water solution or the solution "awesome" sold at the dollar store works great on a variety of items. then once the blinds are cleaned, run a bounce sheet over it on a regular basis, keeps the dirt from building up. the trick works well on ceiling fan blades also. -- Gloria Kildani Jul 5 2007

Q: dyeing fabric chair. please help, I have two fabric arm chairs that I want to dye a dark colour . I have fabric dye and need info on how to do the job .can anyone help me with how to do the job ?? -- "Linda Hedrick" Reply  1 Oct 2002

Q: Steam Heat Problem. We have radiator (steam heat) in our home. The upstairs radiators don't seem to be getting hot like they should. What could the problem be and how do I fix it? "James Thomasson" Reply and "Myra Thomasson"   Reply

Q: Grease stain on clothing. I have a grease stain that has already been washed and air-dried and did not come out, is there any way I can get it out, the garment is red in color. Thank you, -- Alana G. Baker Reply

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