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Q: Iron burn on jacket. It is not burned but the stain of the iron is on the jacket. It's a navy blue jacket but now there is a grey mark on it of the iron mark. Please, can you help me get rid of the mark ? Regards please e-mail me at -- Jacky LeRoux Reply

Q:Clay flowering pots. How do I get "pantina'" on clay flowering pots? I believe I put yoghurt on them, but not sure. Thanks, -- Lyn Bill & Lyn Childress Reply

Q:Laying a new lawn. Hi, I have just removed the old grass and want to know how I go about putting on new turf. All I know is that 'preparation' is the key to the whole process! Can you help with web sites, clubs, magazines etc. Much obliged. -- Mike Reply  

Q:Creeping Charlie in my garden. How can I get rid of Creeping Charlie in my strawberries and other plants without damaging my plants? David A. Poland Reply  


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