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Q: Nicotine Stain Removal. I would like to know if there is a way of removing nicotine stain of Perspex (plastic) if you have any info that could help me please Reply to &/or at thank you for your time regards ps: I will try using lemon juice and salt -- "Shane Hutch" Reply (Ref:0171)

A: Onions. IF cutting onions caused your eyes to watered, try using your hand to sprinkle some fresh water onto your toes (left hand sprinkled to right toes, or vice versa). strange ... but it works. I learnt from the older generation. Jaslyn .... Singapore Comment "Wah Fong & Jaslyn" 

Q: Clogged toilets. Hi, Any tips on a good way to unclog a toilet located on the second floor of a home? Unit flushes but water is evacuated very slowly. Thanks. --  "Karen" Reply  (Ref:0173) 

Q: Scratched canvas. During a recent move, a canvas painting I own was inadvertently placed against the corner of a box. This has left a stretch point in the canvas. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can minimize the stretched area? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -- "CaptureTheMoment" Reply (Ref:0174)

Q: Lighting re-wiring.  I've got a set of halogen spotlights that run on 12 volts and came supplied with a transformer that's designed to be plugged in to a wall-socket. Is it possible to re-wire the lights so that they can be operated from an existing lightswitch? -- "Fin Harrison" Reply  (Ref:0175)t

Q: Plumbing.  Every time we finish running water; toilet, dish washer, etc., there is a loud bang as the water is cut off (toilet fills or cycle ends on dish or clothes washer)... What gives. What is the problem here? Thanks -- "Bill" Reply (Ref:0178)

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