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Q: Acoustic Insulation. I have last week moved into a house which I am really pleased with except for the fact that the neighbours TV and voices can be heard through the walls. Does anyone have tips on what I can do to increase the amount of acoustic insulation between us & them ? The house is semi-detached so we only need one wall to be insulated. Many thanks in advance -- "Chris Checkley" Reply (Ref:0180)

Stain removal. How do I remove stains from white plastic lawn furniture? -- Anon (Ref:0181)

Carpet repair. How do I repair a cigarette burn on my carpet? -- "Sam and Dave" Reply (Ref:0182)

A: Carpet Repair.  Here's what I did: Trim all the cigarette burn part away with fingernail (cuticle) scissors. Go to several other places in your carpet and snip pieces of it. Superglue these little snippits into the burn place. Check the repaired place again in a day and add more snipped pieces if you think you need to. --  BillyElton Reply 10/05/2005

Yellow stain under carpet on kitchen flooring. I lifted up my carpet with rubber type backing underneath kitchen table and noticed yellow stain underneath it on kitchen floor. I've tried Pine Sol and Clorox and neither will get rid of the big yellow stain. Any suggestions? -- "john, Terri & Joe" Reply (Ref:0183)

Cigarette burns. My Dad is the worst about leaving a cigarette burning until it falls on the furniture. He has a brand new computer desk that he has put a burn in. What's the best way to go about fixing the desk? Thanks for any help you might be able to give! -- "Cindy" Reply  (Ref:0185)

Soot removal from walls. Hi, my tenants moved out and left a lot of soot marks on the walls from burning candles. How do I get these off so that when we re-paint it won't bleed through? -- Janet McMillan Zwirko Reply (Ref:0188)

Water spots on glasses. How do you remove water spots from glasses that have been washed in the dishwasher??? -- Reply  (Ref:0189)

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