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Q: Hydrangea. I have a potted hydrangea. The leaves are dry and brown around the edges. What is the best way to care for it. I know they need a lot of water. Do they like or shade? When can I plant it outside? -- KLeeG138qzaolcom@qznaz.null" (Ref:0190)

A: Hydrangea likes acid soil, they are quite hardy and can thrive in a temperate climate. Sorry that's all I know about them! -- Anon 

Q: water not coming through my outdoor water fountain. Help! I need advice about getting my outdoor water fountain to work. Thanks. -- M. Nunez Reply  (Ref:0192)

Q: Stretched canvas. During a recent move, a canvas painting I own was inadvertently placed against the corner of a box. This has left a stretch point in the canvas. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can minimize the stretched area? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -- Claborn Reply (Ref:0193)

Q: Plastic Lawn Furniture. How do I remove stains from white plastic lawn furniture? --  Anon (Ref:0194) 

Q: Carpet repair. How do I repair a cigarette burn on my carpet? --  Sam and Dave Reply (Ref:0196)

A: Carpet Repair.  Here's what I did: Trim all the cigarette burn part away with fingernail (cuticle) scissors. Go to several other places in your carpet and snip pieces of it. Superglue these little snippits into the burn place. Check the repaired place again in a day and add more snipped pieces if you think you need to. --  BillyElton Reply

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