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Q: Laundry problems. The leather label of my white jeans always leaves a stain on the material it leans against after the wash cycle is done.  Is there anyway to keep the leather from leaving this stain? Thanks -- Rae   Reply

Q:  Lipstick on cotton shirt. Hello, How on earth do I get lipstick out of a cotton shirt. Lipstick broke and landed on my lap, Ugh! thanks -- Donna M. Pelletier Reply     

Q:  nail varnish stains. My wife accidentally spilt nail varnish on a pair of slacks . Anybody any ideas how to remove the stains?  -- David Kilner Reply  

Question Nail Polish  Hey there  Did you ever find out how to get polish out of a shirt because if you did, I would love to know how also. I have that same problem and I would really appreciate a response. Thank you so much  Niina  Reply  09/07/2005 (Ref:1139)

Q:  pot marks in sink. I have pot marks in my porcelain sink. I've tried Comet to remove them but it doesn't do the job! Do you have any suggestions? -- FOBZ Reply     

Q:  Cleaning velvet cushions.  Can anyone tell me the best way to clean Velvet covered cushions -- Ian Clark Reply  

A: Velvet Cushions. I used Woolite and a sponge with great success after vacuuming for about 3 days to get all the grit and dust out. -- Carolyn Canady  Reply Jan 15 2006

Q:  cloudy glasses.  Please can you help. I am constantly plagued by the cloudy residue on drinking glasses that have been washed in the dishwasher.  I have tried soaking them in vinegar, salt and also rubbing them down with a fresh lemon. No success, what can I do to remove this stain.  I would be very grateful if anyone has a solution for me. Regards -- Annie nikki1947 Reply

 Q:  Bad mildew. Can you help get of a very bad mildew odor in my bath room ceiling due to a leak that that might have been around for a year or so that was just detected and repaired wet flooring and beams giving off strong odour can you help thank you Reply

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