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Q: Resin or gel in vases. Please tell me how to remove the clear resin or gel like substance that is put in the bottom of vases to hold flowers. I want to use the vase but don't want this substance inside. HELP. -- Cladesin Reply 

Q: Water stains. I would like to know what the best way to clean hard water stains off the glass shower doors and the ring that is in the toilets, thanks. -- SUSAN WATSON ESTEP Reply 

Q: Fading. How do you keep black pants from fading? -- Tam Reeve Reply 

Q: Hot water taps. The hot water tap in the bathroom has gradually stopped working. Any ideas why and how I might fix it? -- The Becks Reply   

Q: Stains on Vinyl Flooring. My expensive, commercial grade vinyl flooring has muddy looking streaks here and there. The installer and Armstrong will not replace it because it took about three years to appear. They say it must be some chemical on the sub flooring that gradually worked its way through. (A cheaper grade of vinyl probably would have shown these stains sooner!) Know anything to magically "lift" the stains completely out? I am a pretty good cleaner and know lots of tricks, but I am stymied and I sure don't want to go to the expense of replacing the entire floor. Thanks. -- Caroline P. Matherly Reply

Q: Areas rugs. How can I keep my area rug edges down flat? I have my area rug on top of a carpet floor. My kitchen table is on top of the area rug with four chairs. The edges are always up. There is a lot a traffic going pass the area rug. I have tried using tape, but it seems to work only for a little while. The end result, is usually tape stuck to the carpet, that leaves a sticky stain. Help!!! I need as many suggestions as I can get.-- Allene George Reply 

Q: Chlorine. We have so much chlorine in our city water it fades my colored clothes and towels. What neutralizes it? Reply

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