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Q: Aluminium Poisoning. Hi, I've heard from my colleague that sterilising baby products by boiling is not too good as the utensils most likely contain aluminium. Is it true? Thanks for your advice. Regards Concerned mother Singapore -- Tong

Q: Paint chipped off sink and bathtub. In a couple of spots in my beige sink and beige bathtub, the paint has chipped away leaving unsightly black marks about the size of a quarter. Are there any known fixes for this or good advice? -- "keith redmond" Reply 

Q: Dingy Whites. I live in Florida my white clothes become dingy after only a few washes, is it the hard water or could it be my machine?

Q: Scratched Windshield. When we bought our used truck it came with a large "arced" scratch on the drivers side windshield (and we weren't even charged extra for this!) It must have been done by a faulty windshield wiper. Other than getting the whole thing replaced is there anything we can do get rid or at least minimize it. thank you. -- Gail Gore Reply  

Q: Help Please. Do you know how I can get mildew smells out of my laundry? Clothes and towels. Thank you. -- Donna Reply  

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