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Q: Honeysuckle. Hi, I have a honeysuckle in my garden that I planted nearly five years ago. My problem is that it has never flowered! Has anybody got any idea why! or any suggestions. -- David kite David. Reply 

Q: Fly tape adhesive. How do I remove fly tape adhesive from my dogs fur? --BMOM195Reply-   

Q: Cleaning clear glass cups. A friend has given me some old clear glass coffee/tea cups. They have white spots that appear to have been caused by a dishwasher. How can I remove these spots? Thank you. -- Sharon Viar Reply   

A: Clear Glass Cups. Believe it or not, I removed white residue from glass cups with SOS pad and it didn't scratch the glass. -- JimPoRetired May 27 2006qz

Q: Wallpaper Removal. Just bought a home that has wallpaper in every room. The paper has been up in some rooms as long as 20 years. I need a safe way to remove the paper and not harm the walls, want to paint them afterwards if it's possible. Thanks -- Joy Walsh Reply  

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