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Q: Nicotine stains on clothing. Does anyone have any info on how to remove nicotine stains from clothing? It would be greatly appreciated. -- micfit Reply

Q: Query. Hi! I have a couple of questions: How does one check to see if the propane tank for the bbq is almost empty? (also) Does anyone know how to remove nail polish from clothing without discolouring the garment? Thanks. -- Teresa Moscato

 Q: I need your help. I wish to install a water filter on my GE refrigerator, however it already has an icemaker which produces smelly ice cubes. How should I flush it out? Before? and how? After? and how? Any assistance will be very welcome and much appreciated. Thank you! -- Susan 

Q: Festive fire pinecones. I have heard that one can soak pinecones in a copper sulphate and water solution, dry them and use them in the fireplace to get colored flames. If you know anything about this can you give me the proportions to use and also tell me where to buy copper sulphate? I have some very large cones I would like to prepare for use this winter. Thank you -- "Flo Earhart"  

Q: PERMANENT MARKER! HELP! My two year old son marked all over my newly painted walls, my couch, my new vinyl kitchen floor, refrigerator, wooden cabinets, stove, and ceramic tile!!!!! (Never fold clothes in another room!) He used a PERMANENT MARKER and I'm disgusted and don't have a clue as to how to get this all off. Any advice. I tried finger nail polish remover on the vinyl floor (it just smeared), hairspray on ceramic (budged it a little) and I have not touched the walls or couch! Thanks in advance! -- Amanda Reply  


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