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Q: Stains on floor. When I place rugs with rubber backing on my vinyl floor, it creates a yellow spot underneath. Why does this occur? How can the yellow spot be removed? -- Reply "Minni". (Ref:0272)

Q: Red beans. 5 PM Monday, cooking now 24 hrs in crock pot, had been soaked overnight before that. No salt was added. I was unable to find hints on the web so far. Books only advise not to cook them with salt (knew that). The beans are a couple of years old. Thanks, -- "Ilse" Reply (Ref:0273)

Q: Urine odours. We just recently moved my grandmother to nursing home and we cannot get the urine odor out of her bedding and some clothing. Any suggestions would be helpful. Jewles Reply  (Ref:0278)

Q: Mildew on books. I have a problem in that our basement was flooded several years ago and my mother put some very special books in a box and taped it shut. Now the books are filled with the smell of mildew and are very important to me. (But I can no longer stand to be in the same room with them.) Please help with any suggestions. -- Lisa Reply (Ref:0280)

Laundry disaster. Hi there, I have a skirt I bought in a Retro shop from the 1970's made of some heavy man made material, sort of like crimplene. I washed it on too hot a wash, and now I cannot get the creases out. Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks -- Trudie  Reply

Q: Removing bathtub non slip drips and glue off tub. How do you remove the glue from the bathtub from the nonslip strips that were taken off? Everything that I tried won't work -- Marlene Kaja Sun, 05 Sep 1999 Reply

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