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Subject  Aluminium and Alzheimers From Russell Hall and class We are very interested in finding out the link between aluminium and Alzheimer’s and the affects of aluminium on the human body and would be very happy if you could shed some light on this subject for us Thankyou  -- Chanel College Reply

Q: Polishing scratches out of Windshield  Hello, I had a bad scratch in the glass of my automobile windshield. In trying to buff it out I only made matters worse and now there is small area (2" diameter) that is hazy from fine scratches and still has the straight line deeper scratch. Is there some compound that will buff out these scratches and return the windshield to its original clarity? -- "Fred Gendler., Jalisco" MX Reply 

Q: How to put a towing hitch on a car?  Is there a web site that shows you how to install a towing hitch on a car? Is it just a matter of drilling some holes & then bolting it on? -- "Leo Beilin"    Reply

Q: Syrup on a Wood Coffee. Table I've discovered a syrup puddle that is several days old on my wood coffee table. How can I wipe this up without using water? I'm afraid that anything that touches the syrup will stick to it and the table. Thank you! -- "Sarah S" Reply  

Q: Solar Hot Water Heater I'm looking for plans for a solar hot water collector, the basic black lined box with looped copper tubing  Thanks. -- "Jennifer Miller"  Reply  

Q: Eggs and brick  Our house was "egged" and I cannot get the residue off the bricks. It looks like shellac was thrown on it. How can one get this off?   


Q: Soften scratchy bed sheets? I purchased a set of fairly expensive sheets for our guest bedroom, but, even after washing several times, they are scratchy and uncomfortable. Anyone know how to soften up cotton sheets quickly? Thanks! -- Seal Reply

Didya!!: Did you get an answer to your question about the cotton sheets? 
I am having the same problem. I was searching the internet for a solution to the rough sheet problem. I came across your question and wondered if you found anything that works. I'd hate to have to discard a new set of high quality cotton sheets because I can't soften them up.
Thanks for sharing the answer if you found one. Micky Wienk Spearfish, SD -- Reply 30 Mar 2004

Didya!!: Scratchy Sheets  Did you ever find out how to soften the sheets. I bought my son Spiderman sheets and a comforter and he doesn't want to sleep with them because they are not soft. They are very stiff even after washing a few times. Please write back and let me know what you found out. Thanks  Sandy dudley -- Reply 13 Apr 2004

Answer#1: Soften sheets. I was looking for a way to soften sheets that I got too. In the past, one sure-fire way that has worked for me is to wash them with Soda Ash (pure Sodium Carbonate) and Synthropol detergent. These are both items I had on hand for hand dyeing fabric. But alas, I am all out of these two products and they aren't available locally.

So, I was wondering if you got any answers to your question and had any other ideas?? Thanks. -- Jill  Reply 16/08/2005

Answer#2: How to Soften your Sheets. To soften stiff sheets: Wash them with a cup of salt. You might have to repeat the process two or three times. Do this after you've washed them the way you normally would. OR Add a cup of vinegar to the last rinse.   Reply  05/10/2005

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