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Q: hot glue gun "glue"  Any tips on removing hot glue gun "glue" from clothing? Help!!!! Thanks! Sonya Sweet Reply 

Removing Glue from Clothing Hope you don't mind me asking, but did you find an answer to this problem? I have just ruined a favourite top and am frantic. Regards Leeta   Leeta Chapman Reply www.chemoangel.com   Margie 

A: Removing Hot Glue. Hello, I saw your question on www.qznaz.com. I am also looking for tips to remove hot glue, I did find a couple of websites for this and they all said to put the garment in the freezer and then peel back the glue. Another suggestion was to put the garment on several pieces of paper towel and use a hot iron. I haven't tried these as yet but will give it a try. Hope this helps you. Yvonne -- Yvonne Short .

Q: removal of lettering transfer from back of nylon jacket Hi, Help - my son has changed schools, but loves his jacket. Any ideas on how to remove the lettering that was put on the back of his coat. I tried a heated iron with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -- Kelley Jaworski Reply  (Ref:0952)

Q: Permanent Marker Stain How do you get permanent marker off a pressboard cupboard? Robert Reply (Ref:0953)

Q: AntiVirus Software For anyone needing AntiVirus software from an experienced company works brilliantly regular updates and to top it all it's FREE go to Computer Associates Site which is Reply  and you can download INOCULATE PERSONAL EDITION a top professional version which gives top class protection all for FREE. Regards Robin Window "Robin Window"  

Q: Sago Palm I have a Sago Palm and noted small brownish scales (scab like) on the backs of the fronds. Can you tell me what these are and how to treat these? I can scrape them off leaving a white spot on the underside but don't know if they are an insect. They are also on a couple of different type of house plants and don't seem to bother them. The Sago stem is turning black which concerns me that these are some type of insect. Check out photos,etc. at my brother's website www.donsmitt.com  -- "Paula Plocharczyk" Reply  

Q: Cast-iron tub removal. I want to replace my 70's yellow cast-iron bath tub with a new fiberglass unit...can I bust it up with a sledge hammer and carry out the smaller pieces? Thanks for any info you have, -- Grubby - Ron Grubb Reply (Ref:0957)

Q: Growing a Cherry Tree. Can anyone tell me how to plant a seed from a cherry? And how to prepare it for Planting and when to plant it? Thank you -- redgirl Reply (Ref:0955)

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