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Q: Toilet flushing problem When we flush the toilet it flushes twice? --  openthepodbaydoor Reply   

Q: Lime deposits  How do I remove lime deposit from my bathroom sink? I've tried special cleaners (clr) and others, but I've had no luck. The crust is just around the drain. Thanks -- Reply  EVELYN MILBURN  

Q: Paint chipped off sink and bathtub In a couple of spots in my beige sink and beige bathtub, the paint has chipped away leaving unsightly black marks about the size of a quarter. -- Chris Saunders Reply  Aug 00 

Q: Formica stain I've recently purchased a 50's style table with what I believe to be a Formica top (yellow). It sits on a chrome base. There is a small circular stain that is light brown in appearance and was Wondering if anyone might know how to remove it! Also does anyone know how to bring up the shine on the Formica? Thanks. –- Steve Watson Reply

Q: Carpet cleaning Do you have a home remedy for a carpet cleaning solution that can be used in the carpet machines you rent from the grocery store? The solutions that go with the machines are very expensive. -- “Terry” Reply

Q: Decking Area in Garden  help! We would like to deck an area in our gardens. The only problem is the area is a raised patch of earth. Is it possible to do? and how? -- “digit” Reply

Q: Chocolate stain Can you help? My Damask covered dining room chairs have been soiled with chocolate. They are light beige in color. How can I get this off? -- anon  

Q: Help! Static Cling. The reason for my e-mail is that I've got static cling in my skirt and didn't realize it until I walked out the door and was already on my way to work. Is there any simple way (taking into account my limited resources for this given where I am currently) for me to get the static cling temporarily out of my skirt? It's made of mostly polyester fabric. Thanks much! -- Simmet, Pat Reply

Q: Marker stains on skin Hi, my five year old colored his leg with blue marker. Is there a way to get it off other than scrubbing with soap. Will Spray and Wash or something harm her skin? Thanks -- The Stephens Reply          

Q: Nail polish stain  Any suggestions on how to remove red nail polish from white berber carpet? -- Roger Kalb Reply

Q: Wax buildup  I just moved into a house where there is a lot of old, dirty wax buildup on the vinyl floor. Most wax strippers have ammonia in them. Unfortunately, I am allergic to ammonia. Does anyone have any other solutions??? Please Help! Thanks! Smile -- cbruce Reply

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