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Q: Microwave smells I burned a bag of popcorn in my microwave and I can't get the smell out. I've scrubbed out the inside a few times with every cleaner I can think of, even letting a box of baking soda open inside for days. Each time I use the microwave the smell of burned popcorn fills the air. What else can I do? -- PJ Reply    

Q: Travel trailer freezer Hi, We have a problem with our travel trailer freezer. We came home from camping and some how some blood from food was in the freezer, I don’t know where it came from, but as you know the smell is unbearable, do you have any suggestions??? I've tried baking soda ,all sorts of cleaners nothing!! It keeps coming back. Please help!!!!!! b&kfamncoqzwestelk. Kim Retterer 

Q: Chef's Mark Slow Cooker  Can you tell me the manufacturer of my Chef's Mark Slow Cooker, ModelSC-5654A? I need to find a replacement stoneware bowl? I have contacted Fingerhut but they do not have replacement parts.  Jeane Reynolds7400 Pine Bluff Circle Charlotte, NC 28214  e-mail address is: jreynoldsReply Thank you for your help!! Reply

Q: Dirty Pavers  I would like to know what I can clean our brick stoop and our concrete sidewalk with we just replaced half of our damaged sidewalk and now the old sidewalk section and brick look so dirty and aged. 22 Thanks -- Reply 

A: Hire a pressurized water cleaner such as a Karchner -- essie Reply 

Q: Curing Iron skillets  I need to know how to "cure" an iron skillet. Any suggestions? -- Henry, Gretchen Reply

Q: Furniture finish smell ??? I recently applied a light finish to an old dresser. I did this on my balcony, as I live in an apartment, a few days ago and the smell is very strong in my home. How can I get rid of the smell without putting the dresser outside in the rain?  Desperate for help, Gretchen D. Henry Thank you! Gretchen D. Henry Office Team, Staffing Manager 25050 Country Club Blvd Suite 150 North Olmsted, OH 44070440-777-6819 Fax: 440-777-3773  Reply   

Q: Removing pine sap from lawn furniture We have a set of wrought iron chairs and plastic furniture that a largepine tree has dripped a lot of pine sap onto. Do you know of a way to remove the pine sap without damaging the furniture? Thank you, -- Vida Reith Reply  Sep 00   

Q: Removing wax from walls  Someone spilled melted wax on our walls. Is there any way to get it off without having to repaint the walls? Mike -- Kamer, Mike Reply  

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