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Q: Helleborus  Help Please can you help me? I have beautiful Helleborus flowers (Sometimes known as the winter rose) and would like to dry the flowers. How do I do this? Thank you Jill Hay Jeff Hay" Reply (Ref:0321)

Q: Shower drain leaking I am having a problem with my shower drain leaking , I unscrewed the drain assembly and removed the old caulking, I then used plumbers putty to reseal it that lasted a couple of days then it started leaking again. Is there a caulking or cement you can use to seal it properly and does the rubber washers go on bottom side of the drain assembly when it is installed . Do I need to put some dry cement on the floor beneath the shower stall so floor does not flex breaking drain seal. Bertha, Gerry & Kaitlyn : Reply  (BERTHA LESSER)  (Ref:0325)

Q: Septic system Hello. We have a septic system and were told it is advisable to put "yeast" in all toilets. Have you ever heard of this. Thank you. Elizabeth Reply (Ref:0326)

Q: Smelly Leather  Do you know how to get perspiration or sweaty smell out of a leather belt? Reply (Ref:0327)

Q: Rodents If you find you have mice or rats in or close to your home, borrow a friends used cat litter tray for a few days. The smell of the cat will make the rodents think that a cat is in the house and they will leave. Joanne Neild Manchester England "Joanne Neild" Reply (Ref:0328)

Q: Mink Coat I recently purchased a mink swing coat (40's style) from a vintage and antique shop and it was previously stored in the shop owner's basement. It has a funny basement smell to it that is not overpowering but noticeable. Any suggestions as to making it smell better? The lining of the coat is what has the funny smell. Reply "Jordan, Jennifer E." (Ref:0329)

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