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CD player I have a small combination CD & cassette player as well as radio. Everything works except the CD player unless I tip it on it's side, any side. Straight up it is a garbled sound. Any ideas? Jim -- Reply (James Conway)  (Ref:0341)

Q: Meal Worms We have a very large problem with meal worms. We have scoured our cubboards  with bleach, laid down new contact paper, and thrown everything out and  bought new staples. They are even in my jars with the rubber seals. My  husband threw those away as well. They are driving us crazy. What attracts  them and how do we get rid of them? -- Reply (Ref:0343)

Q: Pebbles:  How do you clean white garden pebbles so they look white again? - Frisky (Ref:0345)

Q: Your webpage  do you have or know of any mailing list for this? -- Reply (Ref:0346)

Q: Ironing marks While ironing a black substance has come off the iron onto a pair of cream jeans and I now can't get it off. Any hints? -- Sandy "Sandy Broadhurst" Reply  (Ref:0347)

Q: Soap slithers   Can anyone help me?? I've been saving, " little slithers of soap, " for 3 years. I was hoping to learn how to melt them together to make regular size bars again. ( I tried microwaving a few pieces, but it started to turn into a monster. ) Any ideas?? THANKS, !!!!!!!!! -- Chris Adkins Reply (Ref:0348)

A: Utilising these little pieces of soap that are always left over. Add a little glycerine and mash them up with a little warm water and you will have a liquid soap that is gentle and economical -- essie2000 Reply 

Q: Wrinkled shower curtain liner  How can I remove the wrinkles from my plastic/vinyl shower curtain liner? Thanks, I look forward to a helpful response. -- Sharon Sweet Reply  (Ref:0349)

A: Wrinkled Shower Curtain. Have you tried putting your vinyl shower curtain in the dryer? Just long enough for it to get warm…then hang it up immediately…I am going to try that since my blow dryer didn’t work! Good luck! -- Kim Lowe

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