Q: Paint on Carpet  How would you remove gloss paint from a carpet without damaging or  discolouring it? -- Nazir Reply (Ref:0350)

Q: Head job Ford Taurus. I need to now know how to do a complete head repair job on a 1990 ford taurus  --DAN'S MAIL MAN  Reply (Ref:0351)

Q: Smelly fridge  -- I had some fruit go bad in my fridge, now the whole thing stinks. How can I get the smell out of my fridge and freezer? Reply -- Clayton Ennis Reply (Ref:0352)

Q: MPI fuse blows on Mitsubishi truck  -- Vehicle: 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 4wd 3.0L V6 Problem: Vehicle will start and idle/rev fine. Put it in first and it will  go, but blows the MPI 20 amp fuse (in the 3-fuse holder next to the battery)  as soon as it's shifted into second and a load put on the engine. Over-draw  or surge? Don't know. Help! Thanks in advance. -- Keith Hansen Reply (Ref:0353)

Q:  -- Fuse blown on  Escort I have blown a fuse or something in my 87 escort and I have no clue what to  do. I lost my owners manual. This is the first thing wrong. The second thing  wrong is that I have been trying to rewire my radio and I cannot figure out  why it wont work. I don't have an ohm meter to test the wires. I think that  is why my fuses were blown because I tried to wire a switch to connect my  radio to the constant. Please send me any help you can. "Vince Marty" Reply (Ref:0354)

Q:  -- Dye leaching I have recently purchased a bright red chenille sweater that faded on whatever I wear under it. Is there something I can soak it in to set the color and prevent this from fading on my underwear or other clothing? -"sara vines" Reply   (Ref:0355)

Q: Watermarks on dining table I have a dining table (mahogany),  which I placed a plastic table cloth on. Unfortunately on lifting the table cloth I have now got a dining table with watermarks on. When looking at it most of the varnish is white. Can anyone help??? caterlinkqz1stuknet@qznaz.info" Caterlink"  Reply (Ref:0358)

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