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Q: Worcester sauce, which side of the cheese? Help When making Welsh Rarebit I always spice it up with a few drops of Lee and Perrins Worcester Sauce, I prefer it applied to the bread before the cheese is added but my partner likes it on top.  Can anyone give me good reasons for applying it one way or the other as we are almost coming to blows about who is right in this, ever so important matter -- Martin Ripley Reply (Ref:0360)

Q: Dog digging  how can i stop my dog from digging please help me think you -- Mary Anne Reply (Ref:0365)

Q: NAIL POLISH STAINS Help! My daughter spilled nail polish on her  skirt. How do I get it out? -- TymeUp Reply  (Ref:0367)

Q: Fabric blinds I have the fabric blinds over my arcadia doors and also in the living room  window and they are both very dirty. Is there a way I can clean them?  Thanks,  Mary Reply   (Ref:0371)

Q: Homemade Laundry Softeners Hi there. Do you have any "recipes" for homemade laundry softeners either for  in the washing cycle or in the dryer cycle.....Thanks.....Ellie Reply  (Ref:0372)

Q: Robocop vs terminator. Need hints and tips for robocop vs terminator for super nintendo entertainment system. looking for help on level 2 . -- (ROBERT DABNEY) Reply  (Ref:0373)



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