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Q: Windshield tint removal I just bought a used vehicle which the previous owner had applied tint  to the windows. Needless to say this tint has become marred and I would like  to know if there is anyway I can remove the tint from the windows. You can  see where the previous owner tried to remove it as it has some pretty large  scars. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Reply  (Ref:0374 )

Q: Have you seen this web site  I think that your site is brilliant. Are you in the UK? Have you seen www.tipkingReply maybe you should have a link to it on your links page. It is not my site I thought you might like the info Kind regards -- George Hughes Reply (Ref:0375)

Q: Burnt stainless steel sauce pan  The other night I was using my stainless steel sauce pan & I was distracted.  As a result of this the water boiled out & the inside of the pot is burnt or  scorched. I have this pot for many years & would hate to through it out. Is there any way that I could possibly restore this pot so  that I can keep on cooking with it?? Thank  you very much, -- Reply  (Ref:0376)

Q: Soap Residue Build-up in Towels  What can be done to eliminate the soap residue build up in towels to return  them to their original soft feeling  -- Reply (Ref:0377)

Q: Dye stains Hi  My son bought a new pair of black jeans and he put his new red sweatshirt on top of the black jeans, the shirt however was wet... and the dye ran from the jeans into the shirt and left quite a mess. Can anybody tell me how to get the black dye out of the sweatshirt?? Thank You.. Val Farley (Ref:0378)

Q: Paper Shredders Hi! I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to find a paper shredder  that will shred through staples. I have looked at the models out there, but  can't tell if it is a standard option, or if I have to look for a speciality  shredder.  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Lea - Reply  (Ref:0379)

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