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Q: Mattress Odour Hi there! I recently bought a mattress from the paper and it had never been slept on - in fact it was still in the plastic wrapping. My problem is that it was stored under the seller's house and it must have been musty. The smell has penetrated the fabric of the mattress and nothing that I do will get rid of it.  I've tried baking soda twice, two applications of an Australian product called "Febreeze" which is a fabric deodorizer and have also tried carpet deodorizer. The smell has been covered up with more pleasant smells, but still remains. Can you give me any advice to eliminate the musty smell completely. It is an inner-spring Queen mattress covered with a satin quilting. thank you in advance -- Sara Martin, Reply (Ref:0380)

Reply:  Query# 0380 -- Mildewy Odor in Mattress I live in a moist, marine-tropical area where mildew and its odor is a constant problem. I've tried and pretty much exhausted any and every remedy but, for deeply-penetrated odors, I've found nothing to contradict the following from a rather authoritative Web site: "If mold is growing deep in the padding of an upholstered piece or in a mattress, nothing will eliminate the mold or odor except renovation by a trained upholsterer or replacement of the item." Like you, any product or method I've tried only covers up or reduces the odor but never completely eliminates it. -- Cunamara   (Cunamara Enterprises) 14 Nov 2002

Q: Lack of Hot water My central heating is on a timer. The radiators are red hot but the  water which was ok until this week is only warm after an hour and  takes about another hour to get anywhere near hot. But it still isn't  as hot as it should be. Any ideas? -- Norman Campbell Yarwood Reply (Ref:0381)

Q: Patch removal?  How do I remove an iron on patch  -- DD  Reply (Ref:0382)

A: Use an iron??? -- Comment 

A: Really a suggestion - let us know if it works - why not use an Iron to remove the patch... Edward Underhill . Jan 29 2007

Q: Cleaning Silk Plants. I have several silk plants and trees, because I seem to kill the real ones.  I just haven't found a good way to clean them. I bought some spray-on silk  plant cleaner. All it did was drip all over the floor and didn't seem to  affect the dust. I've read about using a hair blow dryer. Doesn't work.  Help!! Does anyone know how I can get really serious built-up dust off my  leaves so they'll be shiny? Thanks. -- Dim FN Reply (Ref:0383)

Q: i too need to know also, how do you get the dust off. A friend of mine wants to borrow my plastic trees for her wedding this week end, and they are so dusty, how do you clean them, when you find out can you let me know. thanks Carrie  Reply 26/07/2005(Ref:1149)

Q: Hair removal wax stain. How do I remove spilled professional hair removal wax from my bathroom formica cabinet? -- DAN DOLPHIN Reply  (Ref:0384)

Q: Musty Books.  Is there an absolute method available to rid books from the smell of must? -- "Maria McTaggart" Reply  (Ref:0385)

Q: Tire stain. I recently moved a couch in the back of a truck. The spare tire rubbed against the fabric end of the couch, leaving a large, black mark. How can I remove the mark? -- Thanks "weirdboy2006" Reply  (Ref:0386)

Q: Stuck Photos. We had a leak in a ceiling which caused water to be trapped inside of a picture frame (discovered after the damage was done). The frame was 8 x 10 which contained multiple pictures of my daughter. Now the pictures are all "glued" together. When I try to separate them, they begin to tear and ruin the photo. Please help!  -- "KM Conti" Reply  (Ref:0388)

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