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Q: Aluminium in tap water. Do the table top water filters remove aluminium from tap water? I have an in-line water filter. Does it take out the aluminum and lead from the water? My water filter uses silver to kill bacteria, is this harmful? -- Reply  (Ref:0390)

Q: Vinyl flooring yellowing.  My vinyl floor has a yellow spot from a rug. How can I remove it? Laura Oblazney "Don Oblazney Jr" -- Reply  (Ref:0391)

Q: Nail Polish on Carpet. Would like to know if anyone knows how to remove nail polish from a carpet? Thank you -- "J Michelle Kubea"  Reply    (Ref:0393)

Q: Ice jams. Have some severe ice jams around the roof of my house and very concerned about when things start to thaw out . Have had a few warm days , and am already getting some drips inside some walls . I have removed most the snow from my roof , but the ice jams are impossible to remove . Any thoughts on how I could better prepare for when the thaw comes ? Thanks -- "Tom Phelps" Reply   (Ref:0394)

Q: Mildew Smell. We recently had carpet and vinyl installed in two new rooms. On day two, my husband put the washer and dryer onto the vinyl, and as luck would have it he forgot to hook up the washing machine. Our daughter then went in and started a load of clothes and before we knew it we had about an inch of water sitting on the vinyl and about two feet of our carpet was also soaked. We used a dry vac to clean up as much water as possible from the carpet, but now a week later we still have a mildew smell in the room. My question is, "How can I get that mildew smell out of the carpet?" It is driving me crazy, because now if we leave the door to the room open it affects the rest of the house! Any tips you can offer would greatly be appreciated! Thank you -- "Veronica Carreon" Reply  (Ref:0397)

A: Mildew Smell from Carpet. Steam clean or clean with rubbing alchol (color test first). this will kill the mildew spores. follow up with Febreeze. -- Tracy Storey' Oct 12 2006 storeystcjqzhotmailReply.

Q: Sticker glue. I bought some cloth place mats for the Christmas table and when I removed the stickers they left the sticky glue on the cloth. Anyone know how to remove it? -- marjer sasha Reply   (Ref:0398)


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