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Q: Cleaning melted enamel off electric burners  I have burned an enamel tea pot on my electric  stove and there is now enamel melted onto the burner. What is the best way to  remove it? -- Reply  (Ref:0400)

Q:  Calligraphy Pens  What is the best way to clean calligraphy pens that have caked on, dried hard, can't get 'em apart, boy are they a mess!! type ink? -- Reply  (Ref:0401)

Q: Silk Stains  Does anyone have a tip on how to remove light perspiration  stains from silk  Reply  (Ref:0402)

Q: Static Electricity  How do I get rid of static electricity?  Christine Reply   (Ref:0403)

Q: Form  Could anyone help me in getting a simple preventive maintenance form? David  -- Reply   (Ref:0404)

Q: Cats My cats like to lay on my sons bed and the female urinates on the blankets  all of the time. I want them to stay off of the beds because they shed.-- How  do I do that and still have it safe for my son to sleep there?  Reply (Ref:0405)

 A: Why not try a light dusting of chilli powder -- Dave E.

A: Cats off vehiclesI heard that a rubber snake

will stop them. -- Nicole Bellini...Nov 9 2007

Q: Smoke smell How can I get the smoke smell  out of the house after a mishap with the fireplace? Reply (Ref:0406)

Q: Stale smoke odor How would you suggest I get cigarette smoke odor out of old furniture? I've tried several things and they helped, but did not get rid of the smell. Judy Clawson  Reply (Ref:0407) 

Q: Incontinent Kittens   I just adopted 2 kittens (sisters that are 3 months old) and one of the imps  is pooping in my plant and then digging into onto my carpet....How do I stop  them? I am not at home all day so I need something that will work when they  are the only ones here!!! HELPPPPP  Thank you --  Carol  Reply (Ref:0408)

Q: Iron on transfers  I have a sweatshirt that has an ironon that has cracked. the shirt is still good. Any suggestions for removing the old transfer? -- Reply  (Ref:0409)

Did anyone ever get an answer on how to remove an iron on patch? I am trying to find the same info currently. If you can pass any tips along, that would be great. Thanks! -- Charisse Reply

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