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Q: Cleaning question. I have a stone table that now has water marks on the top from glasses. How do I clean the stone top to remove the water marks? Thanks! -- "Cindy Patterson" Reply (Ref:0410)

Q: Guacamole on suede jacket. How can I remove a guacamole stain from a suede jacket -- Reply "Michael d mcnellis" (Ref:0411)

Q: Odor from fireplace smoke. Our living room was filled with smoke when we were lighting a fire in the fireplace and the damper was not completely open. We have been unable to rid the house of the odor caused by the smoke. Any suggestions? -- Reply "REBECCA HUNTER" (Ref:0412)

Q: Mould. I rent a house and mould grows on the walls I have used bleach to clean it off but it keeps coming back how can I prevent this -- Reply (Ref:0413)

Q: Cleaning Microwaves. My roommate burned popcorn in our microwave and now the stains and the smell won't go away. Is there an easy and effective way to get those stains and that horrible smell to disappear. -- "Vogel, Meredith" Reply (Ref:0414)

Q: Wall Soot. I have black soot on the walls above my heat registers. I have tried everything to clean the wall. It does no good to paint. - shortly the same problem returns. Reply (Ref:0415)

Q: Dishwasher grunge. HELP! My house is only three years old with the original Kenmore dishwasher. In the last few months the dishwasher has been coated with slimy, sticky "grunge" or film. It coats the bottom and inside door. It is very resistant to stain removers, including vinegar. It feels a bit greasy to the touch. Any suggestions? -- "annwscross" Reply (Ref:0416)

Q: New Towels. HELP !! I have some wonderful thick new towels that have been washed. My husband and I are covered with "fuzzies" each time we use these towels after a shower. Is there some way to treat them so this won't continue to happen. Thank you in advance. -- Reply (Ref:0417)

 Q: New Towels #2 Hi there I have a question similar to one (Ref:0417)  How do I find out if there have been any solutions provided for her that I may also use?!!  -- Christine and Carmen Reply  Thank you Christine  29 Nov 2001 

Q: Help! Melted Wax on carpet. Hi, Can you tell me how I can remove melted, hardened wax from my carpet? It is a mess! Thanks. -- "Joyce Meador" Reply (Ref:0418)

Q: Grease Stain on Suede Shoes. I was grilling chicken last night and some chicken grease spilled on my suede shoes. The eraser and brush method doesn't remove the grease. Any suggestions? -- "Thad Evans" Reply  (Ref:0419)

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