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Q: Glasses Stuck Together. I have two glasses that are stuck together. I would like to separate them. Any tips on how to do this? E-mail answer to this address Reply Thanks. -- Tommie Cooper (Ref:0420)

A: Using hot and cold water heat the outer glass and cool the inner one, they will soon pop apart. -- Dave Ed. 

Q: PTFE Tape. I have seen numerous references to using PTFE tape on plumbing joints, including which direction to wrap. How many wraps is sufficient or recommended for a) PVC to PVC, b) PVC into steel, c) steel into PVC, d) brass into PVC and finally e) steel into steel? -- "Lisa Frank" Reply 

Q: Yellowed no wax floor...HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions to restore my no wax floor? It has yellowed and it doesn't get direct sun, is there a way to restore it or make it look better or brighter? Thanks-- Ttwinma -- Reply (Ref:0422)

Q: Steep Driveways. I live in Wisconsin and have had a real problem in the winter with having a steep driveway. Not only do I have to shovel but it seems the slightest amount of snow makes the driveway almost impossible to get up. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any products that can make it less of a chore? Thanks greatly: Mike in Madison -- John Michael Ryan Reply  (Ref:0423)

A: Can you get a contractor to put electric heating cable in the concrete. You can cut slits with a grinder. Do not do it yourself unless you are confident about the safety aspect -- Dave Klystron

Q: Pine needles. Does anyone know a way to vacuum pine needles, so that they do not clog the hose? It's pretty tough to clean the hose out!! -- Reply (Ref:0425)

Q:  Gasoline stains. I spilled gasoline on some clothing and other fabric materials. I would like  suggestions on how to get the smell out. -- Reply  (Ref:0427)

A: Gasoline Smell . If the clothes are able to be dry cleaned, the OMS used in dry cleaning should take it out. Check with you r dry cleaners. -- Knotts, David, Civilian" David.A.Knotts. Mon 21/04/08

Q: Ballpoint ink. HELP! A pen went for a ride in my dryer it exploded and now the whole inside of the dryer is cover in cooked on ink. Can anybody help me to clean up this mess. (oh by the way did I mention its a brand new dryer.) Please help. Thanks Joanne -- "Joanne Wilson" Reply (Ref:0428)

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