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Q: Flowers of Sulfur: Where can I buy sulphur that is suitable for internal use? My grandparents would dose all of us with the stuff, daily one quarter teaspoon mixed with honey or treacle.  The treatment would last for one or two months in the year. They used it themselves and were  extremely healthy, both lived to a good age with no memory loss -- Reply (Ref:0430)

Q: Softening Sugar.  How can white sugar be softened? chuckles Reply (Ref:0431)

Q: Laundering Vintage Clothing.  Does anyone have any hints for laundering vintage clothing. I recently bought a wonderful cotton dress from the 1950's via Ebay. However, when the dress arrived, the light pink fabric and the white lace trim were dingy and yellowed. Any suggestions on how to brighten up this (otherwise) beautiful piece? The structure of the dress is strong and in great condition. Thank you! -- Dana and Sandy Luitjens Reply (Ref:0432)

Q: Permanent marker "repair".  Is there any way to "rejuvenate" a dryed out permanent marker that someone left the top off of? -- Chris S Cammer Reply (Ref:0433)

Q: Preserving Roses.  How do I dry/preserve fresh cut flowers/roses? -- Reply (Ref:0434)

Q: Brooms What can you dip straw/whisk brooms into to prolong their life?  e-mail me Reply  (Tammy Modglin) (Ref:0436)

Q: How to remove "hand oil" from leather purse??    I recently purchased a wonderful used leather purse in excellent condition except for the darkening from handling the leather. Any suggestions as to how to at least lighten this a little?? Thanks! -- Reply  (Diana Hill)  (Ref:0437)

Q: Melted plastic  A white plastic cover to a storage container was against my new chrome waffle iron. Some of it melted and is now stuck to the chrome? Any ideas on how to  remove it? I've tried acetone nail polish remover and ice, neither which have  worked. HELP!  Thank you. -- Reply  (Ref:0439)

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