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Calligraphy Pens   What is the best way to clean calligraphy pens that have caked on, dried hard, can't get 'em apart, boy are they a mess!! type ink? -- Reply  (David Shaw) (Ref:0440)

Q: Cleaning melted enamel off electric burners   I have burned an enamel tea pot on my electric stove and there is now enamel melted onto the burner. What is the best way to remove it? Reply  (Barbara Swain) (Ref:0441)

Q: I need help on getting an iron-on off of a shirt.   Hi, I want to know how to get an iron-on off of a shirt. I ironed on an iron-on (printed out on Hewlett Packard Transfer paper) and ironed it onto a black sweatshirt that is 50% cotton, 50% polyester but because the shirt was black the iron-on doesn't show to good but it messed up the shirt and I am wondering if there is anything I Can do to get it off. Thanks "brian staton -- Reply  (Ref:0442)

Q: removing paint. Do you have any idea how to remove old paint from brick walls? --  "Carol Morgan" Reply (Ref:0444)

Q: Iron  how do I remove residue from the bottom of an iron? "Bernadette Knutt" Reply (Ref:0445)

Q: Rust on cutlery   Every time I take my cutlery out of my dishwasher the knives have watermarks on them plus spots of rust, I would be grateful if anyone can suggest using something in my dishwasher to  stop this or any other suggestions. All cutlery I use is dishwasher safe. --  "meryle" Reply  (Ref:0446)

Q: Mercurochrome stain on body   Is there any way to remove mercurochrome from your skin?  "Deborah R. Walker" --  Reply  (Ref:0447)

Commercial Laundry Starch Removal  Anyone out there with shirts that are "glued shut" because of starch build  up? After using the same commercial laundry for 5 years and always asking  for "light" starch-I've been told that the starch has actually turned into a  type of glue. The proprietor confessed that someone obviously had put more  starch than necessary into my husbands shirts...and now he can't push his  arms through the sleeves and trying to wear the thing makes him sound as if 2  cats are playing in a thick new brown paper bag. How is it best to remove  this built-up starch? Help! STAT!  Thanks!  Desperate in West Tennessee!  Reply  (Ref:0449)

A: Starch In Shirts. I used a large pot (canning) with one gallon milk and water to cover for every two men's button down cotton shirts. Bring to boil simmer for one hour rest for one hour. Pulled the shirts rinsed in sink put in washer. -- Valerie Pinneo   Reply Jan 13 2006 

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