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Q: Sticker glue  I bought some clothes place mats for the Christmas table and when I removed the stickers they left the sticky glue on the cloth. Anyone know how to remove it ? -- Reply (Ref:0451)

Q: Cous Cous: Where to buy real cous cous, which use millet, not cracked wheat. Moroccan or Tunisian person please help -- Ahmad Golebbi   (Ref:0453)

A: Cous Cous: It seems that a French company has produced big machines to make the fake stuff and we have been gullible enough to fall for it. If you find a source of millet in the Bay Area please let me know. Reply

Q: Attaching the Rear View Mirror Hi I would appreciate any suggestion: My rear view mirror fell from the windshield six months ago. I've followed the direction and have used the two products I've found to glue the tab back on. Once a windshield glass company glued it back. It fell off three months later. Likewise a mechanic glued it on. It fell off the next day. What's going on? Thank you. Yours truly, Frank Belsky  -- fReply   (Ref:0455)    

Q: Does anyone know the best way to clean dust, cobwebs etc. from "cottage  cheese" ceilings" without having all the particles rain down? -- Reply (Ref:0458)

Q: My daughter burnt popcorn in the microwave, how do I remove the stains and odor. -- Reply (Ref:0459) 

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