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 To remove water marks from stainless steel sink, I clean as normal then polish it with furniture polish. I've heard baby oil works but it's a lot more greasy (so you see smears) and the polish smells nice. If this doesn't work (as I have cleaned some people's sinks where that didn't,) CLR works well. -- Reply  (Gayle Christianson) (Ref:0460)

 Bleach Odor.  How do you get bleach odor off your hands? Thanks, Peggy -- Reply (Peggy Staley) (Ref:0461)

Q: Bleach "Stains" How can you cover up the bleach "stains" on clothing? A friend has 2 sweaters, and a sweatshirt that have been damaged by bleach. They are small but noticeable spots. 2 are blue and the other is red. They are not solid colored items, so I need to know how to "spot" dye. Thank You. -- Reply (Donna Turner) (Ref:0462)

Q: Re: Shiny Imprint on Fabric. I did the same thing to a brand new jacket. If you find out a fix, please let me know. I called the cleaners and they said there was no fixing it, but I just can't give up.
Regards, Sue from Texas.
-- Reply

Residue on Iron My irons is so scorched and yucky. what is a easy way to clean it? -- Reply (Ref:0465)

Q: Linoleum stains.  My Linoleum has discoloured around our refrigerator so that it has a yellowy tinge to it. It looks AWFUL and the options I've tried (Clorox with bleach, rubbing alcohol, Zap etc) haven't made a difference. Can anyone help? I'm getting desperate. -- Reply  (Ref:0466)

Q: Mould. We have discovered mould on the inside of one of our bedroom windows and are unsure how to go about removing it successfully. We are renting a property and have had to cut out cardboard templates to fit into the windows in the kids rooms to block out excessive light, as the cloth roller blinds installed are not very effective. We have noticed moisture build-up on the windows in the past, and are unsure if this is caused by the cardboard templates. I would also like to know as well if anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do with the existing blinds to darken them in some way so that we do not have to use the cardboard templates. Thank you very much. -- SONJA MORRIS VICTORIA, BC, CANADA Reply  (Ref:0467)

Parasites. I recently heard wd40 will eliminate fleas (and ticks?) from my dog if I spray a small amount on the back of the neck. Is this true or could this harm my pet? -- Reply  (Ref:0468)

Q: Rubber on carpet. I recently had my foot on a space heater not thinking it was hot enough to cause a problem. Unfortunately, the rubber on the sole of my shoe melted and when I stepped on the carpet the melted rubber stuck to the carpet. The melted rubber seems to have slightly penetrated the carpeting. Any ideas?? Harry Bygdnes. -- Reply  (Ref:0469)

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