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Q: Lost files. Hello, My name is Kim. I was wondering how to get into previous files that have been deleted. I am trying to defragmentizing the computer. I am under hotmail. I can't seem to find out how to get into it. Please e-mail me back and explain. -- Kim, Reply  (Ref:0470)

Radiators. how do I drain my system to fit new radiators as I have no drain valves fitted to old radiators thanks john -- Reply  (Ref:0471)

Stains on metal. Hi! My dear old granny was boiling prunes in an aluminium saucepan but forgot to turn them off. The saucepan boiled dry leaving a terrible mess. It's her favourite saucepan so can anyone tell me how to get rid of the stains without using a scouring pad? THANKS -- John Jamison Reply  (Ref:0472)

Help with weeds I have a back yard full of weeds, i want to plant grass seed, and get it going, but how do i get rid of the weeds? My biggest concern is the goat heat sticker patches, can they be roto-tilled in? Reply (niki nance) (Ref:0474)

Paper creases   How do I get creases out of an important document? -- Reply (Ref:0475)

A: Very careful ironing at a low heat can help. Photocopiers can work too, especially the older ones with very bright lamps. -- Dave Klystron

Photo Stuck   How can I separate the photo from the glass from a photograph stuck to the  glass in its frame? Jack BrennanJack Reply (Ref:0477)

A: Photo Stuck  HI, I just now was searching the internet because I had the same problem. After not finding an answer, I went into my bathroom and tried something. I put my blow dryer on hot setting on the back of the glass and after 30 seconds, I started to gently pull the photo. It came off slowly, a little at a time, while I kept the blow dryer going on hot. The entire photo came off UNDAMAGED!!! Pass this tip to others! I wonder if it would work for photos stuck together too.--   Sheryl  Reply 12/30/05

Velvet Couch. Need help cleaning velvet couch  Any suggestions? -- Reply Shawna  (Ref:0479)

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