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Vinegar as weed killer  On recent local garden show, learned of using full strength white  vinegar as moss on sidewalks, weed/grass killer. It works great. Don't  get on anything you don't want to die!!!  What is the affect on the soil and how long does it kill the desired  plant?  -- Reply  (Marilyn Ellis) (Ref:0480)

Smelly Rubber. I recently purchased a rubber mallet to keep with my camping gear for tent  stakes. But the strong rubber smell that fills the car during the trip, is  unbearable. Is there any way to eliminate the rubber smell from the mallet? The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. - Arabian proverb -- Dawn :) Reply  (Ref:0485)

Q: Rubber Mallet Odor. I bought a rubber mallet a couple of years ago. It smelled so strongly of rubber that I had to leave it outside on my open balcony. It's been over two years now, and it STILLS smells very strongly of cheap rubber. So, no, the smell doesn't go away.
I've also been noticing this problem with grocery pull cart I bought that has rubber wheels, a vinyl rubbery shower bathmat, and a package of bungee cords. All still have a very strong odor even after a year or two! It seems all these things were made in China. They must not be letting their plastic products bake long enough or are adding the resins incorrectly during the manufacturing process. I've been searching online too, for a fix for these odors, but no one seems to have any. ... -Irene Hamil' Reply. Nov 19 2006 (Ref:1318)

garden pests    (brannan3) Help! how can I get rid of all the slugs that are eating my new plants? -- Reply  (Ref:0486)

Stuck dishes I have a 2 piece cake dish. It has a bottom and a top made like a dome. It  is made of glass. I got a dinner plate stuck in the top part of the cake  plate (the dome part) and I have not been able to get it out. I have tried  soaking in hot and cold water, dishwashing liquid, and oil and nothing will  make the plate come out. I can not get anything under or around the rim to  try to pry it either. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the  plate out? Thanks. -- CMC28Reply (Ref:0487)

Transmission  To whom it may concern: I have a 73 Toronado Oldsmobile. The engine is rebuilt in the last 6 months. I am towing a lightweight hybrid trailer w/GVWR of 3100 lb. My car is able to pull 6200 lbs. The only problem I have been experiencing is the temp. light coming on when the trailer is being backed into place. The engine is hot. The radiator is new and has been checked, the cap is fitted correctly, the thermostat is new. The temp light only comes on when attempting to position trailer in a spot. Earlier in the year, the generator light kept coming on and after my mechanic obtained a schematic drawing of the electrical system, he determined a part of the transmission was causing the light to come on and blow the fuse with the generator light. He unhooked this part and explained it was not necessary. Could this be the root of my problem? Or do you have any other ideas? I am sorry I do not know the name of the part he unhooked from the transmission. Thank-you for your assistance. Beth dstaffqzkconlin (David Stafford) (Ref:0488)

Ground In Dirt    Nobody ever addresses ground in dirt! My daughter comes in with dirt so ground into her clothes and the seat of her pants, that I cannot get it out. Please Help!...Thanks -- r.mleggettqzbmReply (Mona/Ray Leggett) (Ref:0489)

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