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Q: washing machine stains   Help! I just received a used washer and dryer as gifts. The catch is that one (I suspect the washer) leaves what looks like grease stains on the clothes. How do I find out and repair the problem? Thanks  Reply (Katy Brickey)   (Ref:0490)

How can I make the bottom of my pots and pans look like new?  From years of fire, and grease they now have a crackly look. I can't get it to look like I want with the sos pads - They are still good to use but just "ugly". Reply  (Veronica Mitchell) (Ref:0491)

Tomato Meat Sauce.  how long can it keep in the refrigerator? --  Reply  (Ref:0494)

A: Hi, If it has just been cooked then it will keep for up to a week in a normal fridge. Keep it well covered or sealed in. Ed

Burnt Copperclad pot I was boiling water and forgot about it when I was sick. Now the bottom (cooperclad) looks funny and the inside of the pot is black. I know there is a recipe out there for cleaning the inside, but just cant remember. Can anyone help?  -- Reply (Ref:0495)

Fading clothing: I have heard there is a way to stop blacks and navies from fading if soaked in vinegar and water. But my question is what is the mixture for this? I don't remember how much water to how vinegar to do this with.  thxs "Tammy Vaughan" Reply (Ref:0496)

Subject Aphids
Please provide a list of aphid resistant trailing plants -- (mahendra patel) - Reply  (Ref:0497) 

Hard Water Stains
Hard water ring in the toilet- get a cleaning grade pumice stone (available at hardware/home stores and some super markets)-rub the stain gently, it may take a little time. On shower doors- Use a lime removing product (I like Lime-A-Way or the Works Tub and Shower Cleaner)-apply a generous amount and let sit about 15 minutes-scrub with a light duty nylon scrubber (usually white or yellow)-you may need to add more cleaner or a little water. Don't be surprised if it takes two or three tries and one or even two bottles of cleaner to remove the stains if they are bad. To prevent or slow the build up use Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner or dry the glass after you are done your shower. Reply  (Hugh Casey)

Q: Sliding tablecloths. Can someone please tell me how to keep my tablecloth from sliding off the table???? Reply  (adrianne norris) (Ref:0498)

Rust Stains
I understand that Stain Devil produce a product to remove rust. Does anyone know where I can obtain a list of stockists? -- Reply  (Lee Shorter)  (Ref:0500)

Answer#1: Stain Devil retailers. Hi, If you're still looking for Stain Devil, then Amazon now sells them. The stuff is truly amazing! Good luck, -- Kris Reply 01/09/2005 

Play Doh on carpet
Hi. Please could you tell me how to get hardened play doh out of carpets.
Regards GailFrom: Reply  (gail w hockham) (Ref:0502) (Ref:0503) (Ref:0504)

Q: Stuck Decanter Top
Hi there,  We recently used my Mom's decanter for a party at my sisters place. This beautiful decanter is very special to my Mom. However some bright spark pushed the top too far down into the decanter and we now cannot separate the two. We do not want to break this decanter and it also happens to have quite a bit of Cherry inside. We do not mind loosing the cherry as we would really like to save the decanter.

Please could you give us a solution.
a.. We have tried resting it in hot water. NOTHING
b.. We tried pouring oil around the seal . NOTHING
c.. We twisted and pulled as hard as we could. NOTHING
d.. We prayed really hard. NOTHING YET.

Tracy Jutzen
Cape Town
South Africa
Reply   (Ref:0502)

Livening -up old wood
My cabinets are beautiful but old and dark. The kitchen is small; however, I do not want to paint them. How do I liven-up the wood without stripping, sanding, and re-staining? Is there a secret recipe out there for refreshing / livening-up old dark walnut cabinets? Please help. Thanks bunches, Patti Reply  (Ref:0503)

Removing Wine Labels Intact
I want to keep my wine labels and I don't know how to remove them off the bottles without ruining them. Can anyone help? -- dw  (DWebster)  Ref:0504

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