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Q: Patch Copper Tube. Is it possible to patch a pin hole in copper tubes in the bathroom. We can't afford a plumber and don't have much experience in this area. If you know how please let us know -- Reply (Ref:0501)

Q: Play Doh on Carpet Hi. Please could you tell me how to get hardened play doh out of carpets. Regards GailFrom: Reply  (gail w hockham) (Ref:0502)

Q: Livening -up old wood My cabinets are beautiful but old and dark. The kitchen is small; however, I do not want to paint them. How do I liven-up the wood without stripping, sanding, and re-staining? Is there a secret recipe out there for refreshing / livening-up old dark walnut cabinets? Please help. Thanks bunches, Patti Reply  (Ref:0504)

Q: Removing Wine Labels Intact I want to keep my wine labels and I don't know how to remove them off the bottles without ruining them. Can anyone help? -- dw  (DWebster)  (Ref:0505)

Q: Cigarette Smoke Smell. Please can you help. We have just bought a house and cannot get rid of the cigarette smoke smell. Paintwork has been washed down - all walls re-painted and carpets cleaned, but there still seems be quite a strong smoke smell. Your help would be appreciated. -- Reply  (Jim & Eileen Ford)  (Ref:0508)

Q: Freezer smell Hi, I hope you can help me. I bought a used freezer that has a strong smell of fish in it. Could you please tell me what to clean it with or put in it to get rid of this smell? Thank You -- Luann AKA Reply  (Ref:0509)

 A: A previous contributor suggested that a saucer with some baking powder or baking soda will help get rid of smells in fridges and freezers. -- Ed

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